Thursday, April 1, 2010


Contradictory...isn't it? But that is how exactly the life for TY BTECH students for all branches proceeds i am sure. :) Since i am not a part of other branches(i could enlighten myself abt E n TC for i have some good (n God!) friends to tell me what goes on there.. :) ), let's get specific. These days i find myself struggling at the altar of holy mother of all trouble - Electrical department. But a deep retrospection has further sharpened my perspective about trouble to one damn inhuman thing in this world - Sir Uday Mhaskar, owner of Power Systems 2 pvt lmtd, Electrical dept., Coep,Pune. I mean every word i am saying for it is what reality stands for. He is the boss,we are the employees and power systems 2 is the company we run together!
Life had never been such a mess and still be more enjoyable. I have never come across an intelligent guy in power sysytems like him and an equal pathetic teacher. Go to him for getting a doubt cleared and a devilish smile waits for you. What comes next is still more shocking. ' Tya Bridge rectifier assignmentcha kay jhala? Te Stevensoncha paper vachla ka re leka? He baga me tumchyasathich he ppt ata tayar kartoy.(Based on IEEE papers- from experience.) Tumala he problem solve karnyasathi asa karava lagel blah blah blah....' (Trust me nobody knows of this blah blah blah when it strikes ears for the first time!) You stare at him in awe(stunned since you are not accustomed to listening so many things at a time), then take a deep breadth(for gathering whatever you can from the things you have just heard) and then ready to hear the next input of data. IEEE has become the latest addition in my rivals list. Intoxicating Exhausting Excruciating Engineering. That's what it stands for in Electrical engineering. IEEE has become a standard. Day and night you are haunted by this ghost of Uday. Recently he was crowned the nickname of 'Udya' which is more horrifying if you already had a bad dream about him today! Moreover, this faculty is totally unconventional- unconventional to the extent that engineering doesn't seem familiar at all! God save our souls!
Despite this saddening fact that we have a new addition to our never ending list of faculty-fiends; the good thing about them is thanks to them we have started learning life in the practical sense. Though the most unlikely person as a teacher, Mhaskar sir is an excellent mentor at practicals. Practicals are always flooded with lots of experiences at various companies, latest additions in the field and some real insight into the purpose. You got to give credits to all those who spoil your life- especially if its for the good. Besides thanks to all this hustle bustle in power systems, other activities in life have become more interesting. There is a confidence, an aura that flows within telling you for every other breath - You got to do it n You will. Being preoccupied is something we have adjusted ourselves to, and what else do you need but to be able to manage your tasks? My mind can't stop forcing me to yell ' Life is hell!' but my heart keep on saying ' Don't worry dude, Al is well!' Recent pattern for assignment demands more focus on group activity for timely submissions and so we get a chance to know each well. Any moment of relief is received well in the class without its importance lost at any instance. Here time is marks and marks are a key to good future. More work has allowed for a better time management and quality of work for which this time is utilized also has to be IEEE! I can't stop feeling happy for the tough environments we are subjected to and yet bang my head over their effects on day to day normal life. Prepare for the worst n you get 'THE WORST' everytime! What else do you want to get tougher(and get going!)! Hope this keeps on augmenting for my betterment! Adieu!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am BACK!!!!

Back! And back not only to withstand new battle fields but also to make up for the lost grounds! Had almost given up blogging since i had screwed up my last semister(a gpa of 7.26... :( to be exact!) And where you are always bombarded with responsibilities, getting accoutred with the best to face them is always a tedious task! Sometimes you get what you want sometimes you don't, still a failure is the main cause of our aberrant nature. Fortunately, i manage to make up for the losses somehow.(That's a mystery!) With everything set up to normal, this is the best time to begin fresh, and here i am to initiate this activity once again.
Unlike my previous attempts at comedy, today i am in a mood for something else -Failure,the best and worst thing you can have at the same time. Where everything is full of joys and happiness, one small failure may make you seem like a miser; bequeathed with all the misery nature could offer. The transformation from a happy-go-lucky to hand-struck face seems so ironic. Nevertheless, the best thing you learn is there is a lot you have to account for, and there is nothing that can make you go lower than what you have already reached. Above all, you get a chance to retrospect yourself,your beliefs,your morals which none the less seem susceptible. Appalled by the results, you are more alert,more focused and more determined. These all helps you to reap a better output. According to me, failure is something to experience after a while. Frustration and determination, aggregated by previous futile attempts gives an upward thrust to your overall performance.
And now after a semister has passed when i disregarded myself, i am thoroughly enjoying this failure. More than happy to have reached my target cgpa, now i am more focused to achieve my goals in life and more than eager to face the new challenges. Failure is cool! After all, there is nothing wrong in taking two steps back if you can jump farther.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lets see your chance.........

"There is no escape from this! Its not about what I want.....Its about whats FAIR!! There are no decent people in this indecent world. The only justice in an unfair world is a chance - unbiased, unprejudiced......fair. There cannot be morality in this cruel world! He has got the same chance as she had.....50-50."
Fair enough. The only justice one can expect is a chance to make things come true. It really doesn't matter how much it hurts you or makes you happy, its not about profit or loss,its not about how much correct or incorrect it is - its about WHATS FAIR!!!
Unfortunately some don't get the hang of it. People always try to make their own conceptions about a situation,then interpret it their own way,thinking it will improve. But in return they forget whats fair, what was required and make things worse. Everything has a reason, every act has a motive and every action a consequence. But the question that really matters is whether they were correct or not. Look at this man's face. How we know him?
Harvey Dent turned two face.....mad,insane, one who has lost all his senses, shooting people at random, deciding their fate on toss of a coin......
But I say why not? When you lose the only thing you wanted so badly, does it really matter what else you do? Fair enough. I may not have any right to interfere in others lives. But people were affected by my actions and if that was so then they can't really argue I don't have any right to play with them. Someone even argued what if the whole world started behaving like that? Taking decisions on fate of a coin, leaving it on chance? Well I say they don't for now, so its none of my business. Its their problem they don't believe in fair probabilities. They just want to fit a proper reason for everything, one that hides their irresponsibility, their duties to be performed, their mistakes. Everybody just sees the rampage Dent has went on, nobody sees his scars, his burns. Nobody sees the injustice done to him. What they will do is just show remorse over what has happened, try to show sympathy. But the fact in first place is they still don't do whats FAIR! Perhaps too cowardly of people. First run away from your duties and then say sorry. A sorry? It is everybody's duty to do whats fair. Not following it is a mistake in itself....and then sorry. This sorry doesn't bring back anything lost nor does it do any good to the person except make him feel good. One will argue it is still madness to do something out of grief/anger just because you were done injustice with. But I say its really not about madness - Its about doing the same thing you owe somebody so that you can say 'sorry' and level things up. Forgiving is a God-given gift- none the less even our Gods have shown no mercy to demons troubling people. Perhaps they could have forgiven them, given them a chance to improve. There is nothing unfair in this world! If there is badness in this world, it is for a purpose and if somebody is using it, it isn't unfair.

On the other hand, I say agreed. Coin is unbiased, unprejudiced........fair. But what really decides what will toss it, the force deciding its revolutions its swing? That cannot be unbiased. Which hand will toss it? Who will toss it? Why? A coin will undoubtedly give two outputs, but with extreme practice you can perfect the platform on which this game is played and that will cause biased result. Why is it that every time Dent escapes the net, others suffering every time,losing their life? Perhaps he is too good at tossing it. I personally feel the scenario will be different if the Dent tosses the coin from the other hand rather than the one you see in the picture. But then again,another thought- Perhaps since their is no purpose of living for Dent, the rightful place of that coin lies in the hands of two face. Fair enough I guess. We owe everything we are responsible for, the only thing that bothers me is why can't this moral world allow us to level the things up by ourselves rather than forgetting them, forgiving the responsible and then leaving them as they are, leaving them to God, fate? If the responsible, the culprits will pay for what they have done, if everybody has to, then why not do it yourself than let somebody other do it and that too might be at a stage where you may not know anything about it? Acting like this will cause havoc,chaos everywhere,but I say even at this instant the world is not completely fair; there is injustice only difference being we are not part of it. When we do, I am sure 9/10 will respond the same way they do.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Absent-minded ATOMIC Adventure.....(AAA)

Have you ever been able to imagine more misery than this man's face? Just look at him...totally in awe, completely shocked and none the less, totally helpless. Well, it happens sometimes, where you are so happy for some accidental things you get,but after some time you realize they are more troublesome than you had ever imagined! You end up being a member of the superstock like this one in the adjacent photo. Do I have anything to do with this electronics thing or some atomic stuff(:P) as you may think. Not really with the details of the photo, but expression, yes! and a damn bloody yes!
What could be more cruel than your happiness being turned into a nightmare,courtesy others?

On a pleasant afternoon recently, I was just assigned the job of buying all the medicines for family members, collecting bills blah blah blah....Now generally you wont expect anything great to happen, with city inflected with swine flu and deserted roads,there was hardly a chance for some entertainment anywhere. So here i was, a lonely bored boy walking down to the nearest medico to get medicines. Now till the time I reach the store, my mobile displays a message- Your account has been recharged by 76 Rs. Current balance- 5.00 Rs. 'Whoa! That's a bonus! Somebody has accidently recharged a message pack on my account!' That really recharged me along with my balance! (These days I am always running low on balance. :( ) I was so happy, this was going to take care of my messaging requirements for a month at least and I thought today was my lucky day. I went to the store, bought medicines, collected bills and started again back to my road. No way I was going to recharge for the poor person! Though I had sympathy for him, he should have been careful while entering the no.(Me 2 3 vela chukichya no. var recharge kela ahe, mala ajun ekdahi parat koni recharge kela nahi! :( ) No chance, it was his mistake and he would have to bear with it.

My phone rang as I had expected. Look at the screen and its a friend's no. Phew! So that person hasn't called till now, most probably he wouldn't. I thought lets share this with my friend. I picked up the phone only to notice a loud heart beat. Might be shes come from exercise, she will speak after sometime. So I waited a bit, she cut the phone! Okay, might be that she couldn't hear, let me go to my house and then call her. After 2 minutes, again her phone. This time I picked up, again loud heart beat, as if something terrible has happened. Now I started speaking without waiting for her to cut the phone again. Perhaps I could lighten up her mood by this incident.
" Hello" - me
"Hello' - her.
" Aga tu thakli ahes ka khup ?"- me
"Are me atach palat aliy var."-her
"Palaychi kay garaj hoti? Listen na, some stupid fellow just recharged my account by 76 Rs! Can you imagine? Kevdha mand asel na to! Akha message pack recharge kela tyani! 500 messagescha! Kasle mand mansa astat! Phonpan ala nai ajun. Lolz! Ata mala akha monthcha tension nahi...."
A voice almost on the verge of crying from the other side...
"Kay jhala? Kai chukicha jhalay ka?"-me
"Mand! I have wasted the whole balance my mum gave me to recharge your phone!"- her sobbing.

Now you can relate the face in the photo. I had to say sorry for all the hatai I did on the phone. Then let her recharge her balance from the money she owned me. Message pack plus talktime. sigh. All the happiness flushed with one single moment! That friend was so absent minded that she had actually told the shopkeeper my no. instead of her while recharging, and she came to know that after she had parked her vehicle in the apartment. And above all, I had to hear a life long pravachan on how I was responsible for the incident instead of her. Happiness turned into total misery. Life me kabhi kabhi eisa bhi hota hai. Thank god it was only a small recharge! Had it been something more costly, I would have happily rested in my grave. I just pray for her that she doesn't transfer all her money or assets on my no. and then trade them with mine! May god give some peace to this poor soul.....

P.S. - If you cant relate the relation of the title with the incident, leave it. The name is appropriate but specific. Language conversion of some word may help.... :P
kash...if i would have got a photo with same expression and supershock instead of superstock!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Psychological Syndrome(PS-1)........

16th July, Thursday, electrical department room number 10......

For the first time I was attending a lecture seriously since I entered engineering. Generally you would expect the first day at college to be a dull,boring one with no happenings.But as always, our department was an evergreen exception,(cause according to our sir,there cannot be energy transfer without any friction?!) first lecture starting at 12:30 instead of 9:30 was a relief. First lecture went well(Electrical machines-2), I could note down all the major points, without getting bored(which I usually get) and most importantly, remaining completely awake. Then came the news- The lecture which was supposed to be at 9:30 was postponed to 1:30. Damn! Another hurdle in my way! Since I had decided to attend all lectures attentively, I had to sit for this one too. Sitting on last bench was the best possible arrangement I could think of.
The lecture was regarding the subject power systems-1(PS-1). It begun with a good introduction from sir as to why we need to study power in terms of electricity and why most of the power used today is in electrical form. 20 minutes passed. First symptom- I started feeling weird. Sir wrote down something on the board,it was supposed to be something related to conventional and non-conventional energy sources. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not figure it out as what was written. The words written on the blackboard looked like some ancient Mayan script! A look at all others..Stern faces, all facing the blackboard,complete silence- an indication of total attention and understanding. I tried again and again, but all attempts in vain.
Sir again scribbled something on the board, this time the script looked similar to Japanese symbols I learn. Again a look at the class- no change in faces. That forced a doubt in my mind, may be I was not feeling well, may be there was a problem in my eyesight. 50 minutes gone. I had succeeded in writing only 10-15 words till now. Then the second symptom- till now I was able to figure out what sir was saying,now it was hard to do so, every sentence seemed like a code to be deciphered. I tried my best to understand what sir was trying to convey, only thing I could understand was basic words like power,grid,some regions,etc. This time I decided to take a break from lecture,and pay attention to the class for some time. While I could not figure out what was there on blackboard I could clearly see every classmate,first benchers to last benchers. But the most troubling fact was that everybody was constantly looking at the blackboard and then nodding in affirmation. Now I was sweating- They can see everything, they can hear everything. I can't! There has to be a problem with me! I was terrified, perspiration all over my face.The lecture was supposed to end at 2:30, when I looked at the watch it was 3:30,so there had to be a problem with my senses.....
After the lecture I came out, only to discover my senses were still intact. Nobody had paid attention,they all were just pretending. There was no fault in my eyes, sir's handwriting was indeed mysterious. What I thought as notes in everybody's notebooks were paintings of him,or comments passed about him. Nobody had got what sir had said, they were half asleep to notice what he was saying. Everybody had thought sir was observing them,so they preferred nodding at certain intervals to avoid being caught. The only thing I missed was that earlier Japanese symbol was actually a diagram of simple power system. One hell of freaking misunderstanding!

PS:- Third symptom - If you start doubting your eyesight or your hearing abilities, consult the nearest psychologist as quickly as possible! Start doubting your brain instead of your senses... :|

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thought for the day.....

Had Rajnikant been there during Newton's time, he would have got the ultimate exception to his laws and it could have saved all the trouble scientists take today to prove that Newton's laws have exceptions!!! :) (And it could have saved lot of trouble for my brother too who is having a hard time remembering them!)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Be careful while you say...Cadb(a)!!! :)



A desolated place,village horizons seen at a distance, wind blowing at full speed, hardly giving any chance to move.........
Four miserable people, walking through the lonely,endless road.Scanning all the directions,nowhere a ray of hope. Hunger,lack of sleep.Searching for means of transport. But all attempts in vain.Furious nature-a pleasant drizzle, but threatening to turn into a heavy downpour anytime...Adverse conditions.All four must find their way, as fast as possible, to the nearest village, otherwise they could get inflicted with wrath of nature, freezing cold and paralyzing winds! They must stick together, fight all obstacles with unity and patience, try to seek happiness in each others company.......

And asking for happiness.....there was much of it,more than needed!! :) So this is what happened....We had gone for a visit to a factory at Paud, on the outskirts of Pune. While the visit was expected to last till evening 5:30, we were done by 1:30!! :| (We could endure the theory and all the logic stuff only till then :)) The factory was located fairly away from the village,almost around 3-4 kms so we had to walk our way to it. We began our walk enthusiastically only to give way to blazing enlightenment that it was more tiring and much more boring than we had thought until the conversation suddenly changed like this..........

"Mala cadb khavasa vattey! "-me.
"Ithe kuthun cadb milnare ? Green cadb khayla milel. Gavat padla ahe tikde shetat!"- A.G.
"Tu gappa bus! Uth suth khaycha dista tula!"- Ab the incredible.
" Cadb mane! Ithe cadb nahi cadba milel!"- Her.
"Cadba..? He kay asta ?"- A.G.
"Aga tula cadba mait nahi ka? Te janavar khatat! Mhashinna khau ghaltat te!"- Her.
At that time(impeccable timing!!), a stern look from Ab the incredible, a jerk to his neck in disagreement and then the fitting joke....
"Tula barobar kalta he sagla!!! :) :D :P"

Two uncontrollably laughing people, trying to hide it in vain,one slightly confused,in dillema whether to laugh over his own joke,one exceptionally quiet- with a constipated expression on her face! Paichan kaun? :P

The best ever perfection of timing Ab has achieved till now. We were rolling on the floor laughing, there were two thunderous outbursts of laughter!!(Third time I had to put handkerchief in my mouth to stop! :)). We couldn't stop laughing while we still continued walking, walked another km or 2 untill we reached a bridge. There she stands for a while and looks at her reflection in the clear waters. After 10 minutes of steady observation she finally regains her attention towards walking. There is a smile on her face! :) (I think lack of horns made her reassure herself that she looked quiet different! :P) We forgot all the pain,hunger,thirst, anything that could make us deviate from the fun! It was a happy trip back home! :)

P.S. - My sincere apologies to all the buffaloes in the world!! I really and heartily sympathize with all of them! To buffalo kind, my condolences.... :(