Thursday, April 1, 2010


Contradictory...isn't it? But that is how exactly the life for TY BTECH students for all branches proceeds i am sure. :) Since i am not a part of other branches(i could enlighten myself abt E n TC for i have some good (n God!) friends to tell me what goes on there.. :) ), let's get specific. These days i find myself struggling at the altar of holy mother of all trouble - Electrical department. But a deep retrospection has further sharpened my perspective about trouble to one damn inhuman thing in this world - Sir Uday Mhaskar, owner of Power Systems 2 pvt lmtd, Electrical dept., Coep,Pune. I mean every word i am saying for it is what reality stands for. He is the boss,we are the employees and power systems 2 is the company we run together!
Life had never been such a mess and still be more enjoyable. I have never come across an intelligent guy in power sysytems like him and an equal pathetic teacher. Go to him for getting a doubt cleared and a devilish smile waits for you. What comes next is still more shocking. ' Tya Bridge rectifier assignmentcha kay jhala? Te Stevensoncha paper vachla ka re leka? He baga me tumchyasathich he ppt ata tayar kartoy.(Based on IEEE papers- from experience.) Tumala he problem solve karnyasathi asa karava lagel blah blah blah....' (Trust me nobody knows of this blah blah blah when it strikes ears for the first time!) You stare at him in awe(stunned since you are not accustomed to listening so many things at a time), then take a deep breadth(for gathering whatever you can from the things you have just heard) and then ready to hear the next input of data. IEEE has become the latest addition in my rivals list. Intoxicating Exhausting Excruciating Engineering. That's what it stands for in Electrical engineering. IEEE has become a standard. Day and night you are haunted by this ghost of Uday. Recently he was crowned the nickname of 'Udya' which is more horrifying if you already had a bad dream about him today! Moreover, this faculty is totally unconventional- unconventional to the extent that engineering doesn't seem familiar at all! God save our souls!
Despite this saddening fact that we have a new addition to our never ending list of faculty-fiends; the good thing about them is thanks to them we have started learning life in the practical sense. Though the most unlikely person as a teacher, Mhaskar sir is an excellent mentor at practicals. Practicals are always flooded with lots of experiences at various companies, latest additions in the field and some real insight into the purpose. You got to give credits to all those who spoil your life- especially if its for the good. Besides thanks to all this hustle bustle in power systems, other activities in life have become more interesting. There is a confidence, an aura that flows within telling you for every other breath - You got to do it n You will. Being preoccupied is something we have adjusted ourselves to, and what else do you need but to be able to manage your tasks? My mind can't stop forcing me to yell ' Life is hell!' but my heart keep on saying ' Don't worry dude, Al is well!' Recent pattern for assignment demands more focus on group activity for timely submissions and so we get a chance to know each well. Any moment of relief is received well in the class without its importance lost at any instance. Here time is marks and marks are a key to good future. More work has allowed for a better time management and quality of work for which this time is utilized also has to be IEEE! I can't stop feeling happy for the tough environments we are subjected to and yet bang my head over their effects on day to day normal life. Prepare for the worst n you get 'THE WORST' everytime! What else do you want to get tougher(and get going!)! Hope this keeps on augmenting for my betterment! Adieu!

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